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Herbal Smoking Blends

Want to amp up your smoking sesh? Herbal smoking blends are a wonderful addition to your current smoking routine. Realleaf’s herbal smoking blends are handcrafted with the highest quality organic smoking herbs to give you a fantastic smoking experience. Enjoy them in your favorite bowl, Realleaf wrapping papers, or as a fun addition to your joint or blunt.

Natural smoking herbs have been used for centuries for their many health benefits and healing properties. By using an herbal smoking blend, you’re not only getting a great smoke sesh in, but also actively doing something good for your body.

There are a number of different blends for everyone’s needs. Some of our favorites include the lavender sleep well blend, and the damiana stimulating blend. Whether you’re trying to get hype for a busy day, or unwind after work, there’s an herbal smoking blend for you.

Herbal Smoking Blends FAQs


What are the best herbal smoking blends?

The “best” herbal smoking blend is an extremely subjective opinion based on your specific needs. There are so many natural smoking herbs that provide different health, smell, taste, and experience benefits. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, we recommend trying one of our variety packs, like the four winds pack, and seeing which is your favorite!

Can you use herbal smoking blends for anxiety?

Herbal smoking blends are a great natural way to deal with the symptoms of anxiety. Specifically, the “relaxing” and “sleep well” blends. These help reduce stress, worry, and insomnia, which are all common symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder. Always consult your doctor before making any adjustments to your treatment plan.

Why should you use organic herbal smoking blends?

It’s important to use organic herbs in your herbal smoking blends. Since you’re directly inhaling the smoke from these herbs, you want them to be free of any pesticides or harmful chemicals that could be damaging to your health. Choosing an organic herbal smoking blend will ensure that you’re getting the herbs in their most natural state, without dangerous additives.

Can you use herbal smoking blends to quit smoking?

Many people use herbal smoking blends to quit smoking. Using these blends satisfies your need to perform the action of smoking, without addictive ingredients like nicotine. Try replacing one cigarette a day with an herbal smoking session and slowly increase until you no longer need the cigarettes anymore. Eventually, you should find yourself not needing to smoke at all.

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