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 If you’re a smoker who enjoys herbal cigarettes, you know the importance of having high-quality rolling papers.

Rolling papers can change your entire smoking experience based on how easily they roll and burn. Realleaf offers a variety of organic, unbleached rolling papers that are 100% vegan.

These rolling papers are ultra-thin for easy rolling, and burn cleanly and evenly, so you get the most out of your herbal cigarette.

If you’re not the rolling type, consider Realleaf’s pre-rolled cones. You get all the benefits of a hand-rolled herbal cigarette with none of the hassle. You can simply grab a pre-rolled cone and get right to it.

For your health and a better smoking experience, you should always use organic unbleached rolling papers.

Realleaf’s rolling papers are of the highest quality and guarantee to make a fantastic herbal cigarette.

 Rolling Papers FAQs


What size rolling paper do I need?

The size of rolling paper you need depends on how much you’re intending to smoke.

As a general guide, small-sized rolling papers or cones are good for smoking with  1-3 people, medium-sized for smoking with 3-4 people, and king-sized for a group larger than 4.

However, you can always buy a larger size and simply save what’s left of the herbal cigarette for a later smoking session.

What are rolling papers made of?

Rolling papers can be made from a variety of materials. The most common rolling paper material is hemp, which is what Realleaf’s rolling papers are made of.

However, rolling papers can also be made of other natural materials like rice straw, esparto, flax, and sisal.

Are rolling papers healthy?

Some rolling papers contain harmful additives like chemicals and flavoring that can be toxic when smoked.

These can cause serious health issues. However, all-natural organic unbleached rolling papers, like Realleaf’s rolling papers, are completely healthy to use.

Do rolling papers contain nicotine?

No. Rolling papers on their own do not contain nicotine. The papers can be used to roll cigarettes that contain nicotine, but the papers themselves do not.

You can use rolling papers for natural smoking herb blends for a non-addictive, organic smoking experience.

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