Smoking pipes

If you’re an avid smoker, you know that having a high-quality smoking pipe is essential to a great smoking experience.

Realleaf offers smoking pipes of all different shapes, sizes, and materials to satisfy every smoker’s preferences.

Get a fun-colored glass pipe with a cool psychedelic design, or a classy wooden pipe that will impress all of your smoker friends.

Realleaf offers tons of different styles so you can build up your collection and have a pipe for every occasion.

There are larger pipes for all of our social smokers out there, and smaller pipes if you love to toke up by yourself at the end of a long day. No matter what you’re smoking, using a great pipe makes it so much better.

Whether you like glass or wooden pipes, long or short pipes, large or small pipes, Realleaf has an aesthetically pleasing, top-notch pipe for you.

Smoking Pipes FAQs


Are glass or wood pipes better?

Whether you choose a glass or wood pipe truly depends on your preference.

They both have their pros and cons.

The biggest thing to consider is that glass pipes are a cleaner smoke, allowing you to only taste the herb you put into them, whereas wooden pipes impart a flavor to the smoking herbs that add to the smoking experience.

Some people like this, some don’t.

Wood pipes only last a few years, since they are a naturally porous material and can break down, but glass pipes are prone to shattering.

So, it’s all based on your specific needs and preferences whether you want a glass or wood pipe.

Are long or short pipes better?

Like the material, the length of the pipe is also up to your preference.

A long pipe allows the smoke time to cool down before reaching your lips, but they are not the best for use in public.

Short pipes are much more subtle and good for taking to parties or public smoke sessions, whereas long pipes are better for smoking in the comfort of your own home.

How do you clean a pipe?

Firstly, scrape any bits of herb out of the pipe.

Then, fill a Ziplock bag with rubbing alcohol and place the pipe inside, making sure it’s fully submerged in the alcohol.

Add one teaspoon of salt to the bag and close it up. Shake the bag so the salt works as a scrubbing agent on the pipe, getting any sticky residue off.

Pour the liquid out of the bag and fill it again with alcohol. Shake again to get any salt out of the pipe.

Lastly, rinse with hot water then soak in a combination of water and lemon juice to eliminate any watermarks.

Air dry before using.

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