Herbal Cigarettes- Smoking Damiana Stimulating Blend (5 Packs)


  • Real Leaf Herbal Cigarettes- Stimulating blend is 100% natural. These blends are made out of plant extracts and natural herbs.
  • It is 100% tobacco and nicotine-free. So, no more smoking addiction.
  • A mix of 4 herbs: damiana, marshmallow, raspberry, and mullein blend.
  • Damiana is proven to improve libido.
  • Damiana dominates the blend in these herbal cigarettes.
  • These herbal cigarettes regulate smoking cravings and help in quitting.
  • Each pack contains 20 Stimulating herbal cigarettes- 5 packs


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Price for all:   49.80

Herbal Cigarettes- Smoking Damiana Stimulating Blend (5 Packs)

Are you feeling a little exhausted? Interested in a safe option that will help enhance your enthusiasm and create a stimulating and relaxing experience? We have the product for you!

This stimulating damiana herbal tobacco cigarette is exactly what you need when you need a refresher for the day. With damiana as its main ingredient, this herbal smoking blend benefits from the stimulant effects of smoking damiana creating an energizing yet calming effect you can enjoy every time you choose to smoke one.

Plus, this smoking herbal blend also contains marshmallows, raspberries, and mullein, which are all known to create a relaxing effect that can be very helpful in dealing with any stressors that life may throw at you.

Moreover, taking into account that all our smoking herbal blends are sourced from the most natural and organic plants and herbs you can always count on RealLeaf shop to provide you with the best herbal smokable herbs on the market, and this stimulating damiana blend is no different. Plus, considering that it is 100% nicotine free, we provide you with a refreshing smoking experience without worrying about nicotine addiction.



How many cigarettes do I get?

100 herbal cigarettes.

When you purchase this product, you get 5 packs, and each pack contains 20 cigarettes. Hence a total of 100 stimulating damiana herbal cigarettes.

What herbs does this stimulating herbal blend contain?

Well, apart from damiana, which is the main ingredient in this stimulating herbal blend. This smoking blend also contains marshmallows, raspberries, and mullein. However, damiana is responsible for most of this cigarette’s stimulating properties.

What does smoking this stimulating blend do?

As the name suggests, this herbal smoking blend creates an energizing experience thanks to damiana’s stimulating and mood-boosting capabilities. It is a great herbal tobacco substitute for those days you find yourself lacking in enthusiasm.



Ingredients: Raspberry | Mullein | Marshmallow | Chamomile | Damiana

WARNING: Smoking is bad for your health


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