Herbal smoking blends Kit (White + Brown)


White RealLeaf Tobacco:

  • Damiana is the base of the herbal smoking blend.
  • Damiana extracts are used widely to prevent headaches, nervous stomach, and even constipation.
  • The blend may also help in quitting smoking
  • The blend is derived from natural plants and wild herbs.
  • 100% nicotine-free.

Brown RealLeaf Tobacco:

  • This herbal tobacco is made out of raspberry, mullein, and marshmallow.
  • This tobacco is specially created to help smokers quit.
  • 100% Organic โ€“ Chemical Free
  • 100% nicotine-free.


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Herbal smoking blends | nicotine free tobacco+
Price for all:   25.80

Herbal Smoking Blends Kit (White + Brown)

If you are a seasoned smoker, you have probably noticed the constant argument among smokers on which herbal tobacco offers a better smoking experience.

However, at the RealLeaf Shop, we say why to choose. Enjoy the best of both worlds with our white and brown herbal smoking blends kit. This kit contains:

White RealLeaf Damiana Herbal Smoking Blends

For our white herbal smoking blend, damiana serves as our main ingredient. Damiana is a small shrub plant with beautiful yellow flowers whose leaves are used in herbal medicines to treat a variety of ailments, including preventing headaches, soothing a nervous stomach, or preventing constipation. It is also reputedly recognized for having aphrodisiac properties.

The Damiana leaves found in our white RealLeaf Damiana smoking blend are carefully sourced from naturally grown damiana plants. This damiana herbal tobacco is completely nicotine free, which means that this herbal smoking blend can also help in quitting smoking tobacco.

Brown RealLeaf Tobacco

A classic RealLeaf herbal tobacco option, the Brown RealLeaf nicotine-free tobacco is the ideal choice for any smoker who wishes to kick the nicotine addiction. 100% nicotine-free, this herbal tobacco is made from the finest ingredients, which are meticulously chosen to ensure that our smokers have an easier time handling any withdrawal symptoms they may face after quitting nicotine.

Made out of raspberry, mullein, and marshmallow, these smokable herbs are the best option when thinking to start smoking herbs. Have your herbal tobacco without having to worry about getting addicted or negatively harming your health.

Get a kit today and enjoy your journey towards addiction-free smoking. Each pack contains 30 gr of herbal tobacco so by purchasing this product you get a total of 60 gr of white and brown herbal tobacco at your disposal.



Ingredients: Raspberry | Mullein | Marshmallow | Damiana

WARNING: Smoking is bad for your health


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