Herbal Smoking Blends- Buba Kush+Jack Herer+Tangie


  • Suitable for cannabis smokers who want to improve the smoking experience and reduce nicotine intake
  • 100% tobacco and nicotine-free
  • Tangie terpenes herbal smoking blends have a citrusy flavor
  • Bubba Kush possesses a sweet, pungent, and grounding aroma
  • Jack Herer may elevate your mood and boost creativity.


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Real Leaf Terpenes Herbal Tobacco Sample Kit contains:

  • Herbal smoking blends- RealLeaf Jack Herer 20g
  • Herbal smoking blends- RealLeaf Buba Kush 20g
  • Herbal smoking blends- RealLeaf Tangie 20g

All of our terpenes herbal smoking blends have a unique flavor and effect and 100% legal and natural.

Enjoy our variety of Herbal smoking Terpenes blend mixtures!

And start to boost your herbs leaf!

Terpenes Herbal Smoking Blends – Jack Herer + Bubba + Master Kush

This kit offers a selection of 3 unique herbal smoking blends, each with its own unique flavor and mix of ingredients that will elevate your smoking experience for a great bargain.

All the ingredients used in these packs are derived from natural botanical sources to ensure that our consumers always have the absolute best at their disposal.

The different terpenes included in these herbal blends create a pleasant entourage effect without any psychoactive effects, making it a suitable option for cannabis smokers looking to elevate their smoking experience. Plus, these herbal smoking blends are 100% nicotine-free. Hence tobacco smokers can effectively use them to take a break from nicotine.

Check out the flavors that are included in this kit:

  • Tangie – Now, here is a herbal smoking blend that will absolutely blow your mind. It contains a mix of raspberry, mullein, marshmallow, and liquorice root enhanced with Tangie terpenes. The Tangie terpenes give this herbal smoking blend a unique sweet flavor dominated by notes of orange and tangerine.
  • Bubba Kush – This Bubba Kush herbal smoking is definitely a fan favorite. It is made up of organic marshmallow, mullein, and liquorice root infused with Bubba Kush terpenes to elevate your smoking experience. The Bubba Kush terpenes give this herbal blend a sweet, pungent aroma with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee to create a distinct entourage effect.
  • Jack Herer – This original Jack Herer herbal smoking blend is a perfect addition to your smoking kit. It is created from a mix of natural herbs, including marshmallow, licorice root, mullein, and raspberry leaves infused with Jack Herer terpenes to elevate the user’s smoking experience. The Jack Herer terpenes give this blend a sweet earthy flavor with notes of spice, and wood.

Each pack in this kit contains 20g of either of these herbal smoking blends you can enjoy.

Press on the link for more herbal smoking blends with terpenes.

Ingredients: Raspberry | Mullein | Marshmallow | Liquorice| Bubba kush, Jack Herer, Tangie

WARNING: Smoking is bad for your health

All our terpenes products are THC & CBD  free.


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