Herbal Tobacco- Smoking Lavender Sleep Well Blend (5 Packs)


  • Real Leaf Herbal Tobacco- Sleep Well is 100% natural. Each blend is crafted from plant extracts and natural herbs
  • Sleep Well Tobacco is 100% tobacco and nicotine-free.
  • This tobacco substitute should help you quit smoking
  • Real Leaf- Sleep well contains raspberry, mullein, marshmallow, and lavender
  • The herbal tobacco is bound to reduce insomnia and help in better and relaxed sleeping.
  • Lavender in herbal tobacco regulates sleeping patterns, asthma, and stress. Mullein helps with respiratory issues
  • Lavender dominates this blend which keeps you calm and relaxed after smoking
  • Each pack contains 20 gr of Sleep Well herbal tobacco- 5 packs


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smoking herbal tobacco to release nicotine addiction+herbal cigarettes with lavender for stop smoking
Price for all:   89.80

Herbal Tobacco – Smoking Lavender Sleep Well Blend (5 Packs)


Have trouble quitting smoking? Our Sleep Well Herbal Smoking Blend may be able to help with that. This herbal smoking blend is made from natural plant extracts and wild herbs that all work together to help you relax and to succeed to kick the nicotine out.

This sleep-well herbal smoking blend uses lavender as its main base to help enhance its sleep-enhancing qualities. Today, lavender is widely recognized for its powerful fragrant scent used in a variety of products and perfumes.

However, it is this herb’s sedative properties that prompt us to include this herb into our sleep well blend. This herb contains various terpenes, including linalool and nerolidol. A significant number of research studies have shown that these two terpenes have anxiolytic and sedative properties. This means that lavender can help reduce anxiety and induce sleep.

Thus, our lavender sleep well herbal smoking blend helps deliver lavender into your system at a faster rate allowing you to benefit from the anxiolytic and sedative properties of this herb. This way, you can relax enough to ensure high-quality sleep and rest.

Our sleep well blend also contains raspberry, mullein, and marshmallow. These herbs all work to create a smooth smoking experience and allow you to fully take advantage of the sleep-enhancing properties guaranteed by this herbal smoking blend.

Moreover, this herbal smoking blend is 100% chemical and nicotine-free. As such, any tobacco smoker looking to quit nicotine can use this herbal tobacco-free cigarette to help them through their smoking cessation.

So the next time you are craving a cigarette try our lavender sleep well blend for a relaxing, sleep-inducing smoking experience that is completely nicotine-free.

Herbal Tobacco FAQs


How many tobacco gr do I get in each pack?


Since this is the 5-pack offer, you should receive 150 gr of sleep well herbal tobacco in total, considering each pack contains 30 gr of herbal tobacco per pack.

Does this herbal smoking blend have nicotine?


Nope. This herbal blend is 100% nicotine-free


Ingredients: Raspberry | Mullein | Marshmallow | Chamomile | Lavender

WARNING: Smoking is bad for your health


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