Natural Herbal Cigarettes with Mango Kush (5 Packs)



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natural herbal terpenes cigarettes+Mango Kush terpene spray 20m
Price for all:   49.80

Natural Herbal Cigarettes with Mango Kush Terpenes:


Natural herbal cigarettes infused with terpenes of Mango Kush do not have any psychoactive effects.

Organic herbal cigarettes based on medicinal smokable herbs, that as you can guess, do not contain any nicotine.

Those special herbal cigarettes suit perfectly for herbs smokers that want to stop using nicotine with their herbs and want to enhance the influence of herbs.

Herbal cigarettes naturally contain terpenes because of their presence in herbs.

So what special about Terpenes Herbal Cigarettes?

Beyond the naturally occurring terpenes in herbs, these organic cigarettes have also been enriched with extractions of herbs terpenes.

Synergic herbs smoking and terpenes smoking will provide an entourage effect.

By smoking terpenes of the Mango Kush, you will feel a sweet and piney flavor.

Stop Smoking With Natural Herbal Tobacco Infused With Terpenes

Smoking Terpenes in natural herbal cigarettes while quitting smoking nicotine may assist you to deal with nicotine withdrawal easier.

Mango Kush terpenes will provide you the next benefits:

  • Pain relief
  • Relaxation
  • Release anxiety

Nicotine withdrawal is known by its hard symptoms:

  • Cravings
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Difficulty falling asleep

By smoking natural herbal cigarettes with terpenes you allow yourself to relieve the accompanying symptoms while weaning smoking.

Smokable herbs with terpenes will benefit you and reduce smoking damage.

Smokable Herbs In Natural Herbal Cigarettes


There is a wide variety of herbs you can smoke, and use as a base for herbal smoking blends.

Each smokable herb has its own advantage and aroma, and so my personal recommendation is to try them all.

Don’t give up until you find the perfect herb that will help you to forget about the existence of the nicotine drug.

Here are some examples of smokable herbs and their benefits:

Smoking Damiana– Damiana plant has long been known as an effective herb for smoking addicts.

Smoking Raspberry leaves– Red Raspberry leaves add aroma and enhance the taste of natural herbal cigarettes.

Smoking Marshmallow– Marshmallow plant is known as a plant that was reserved for kings thanks to its medicinal properties.

Natural herbal cigarettes will provide you the best solution for those important times.


Ingredients: Raspberry | Mullein | Marshmallow | Liquorice| Mango Kush Terpenes|

WARNING: Smoking is bad for your health

All our terpenes products are THC & CBD  free.


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