Organic Herbal Cigarettes With Terpenes - OG Kush



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organic herbal cigarettes with OG Kush terpenes is the best solution to stop smoking+herbal cigarettes with mango kush terpenes the best solution to stop smoking+smoking terpenes with herbal cigarettes without nicotine
Price for all:   29.70

Organic Herbal Cigarettes With Terpenes Of OG Kush :

Organic herbal cigarettes infused with terpenes of OG kush do not have any psychoactive effects.

OG Kush herbal smoking blends infused with terpenes can help alleviate stress, anxiety, difficulties with attention and/or concentration, along migraines.

About smokable herbs


Herbal cigarettes are tobacco and nicotine-free and it’s an easy way out of your harmful smoking habits.

Each pack of organic herbal cigarettes is infused with natural herbs terpenes (there are no psychedelic effects), each one affecting your body in a different, non-addictive way!

These organic herbal cigarettes with OG Kush terpenes made of high-quality smokable herbs and infused with natural herbs terpenes.

By inhaling the herbs you inhale the health benefits they contain, as same as with herbs. (Of course, the best thing is to use herbal cigarettes with terpenes during quitting smoking, and then only in emergency cases, any smoking not healthy)

What kind of smokable herbs our organic herbal cigarettes contain?


Smoking Damiana With Terpenes – Herbal cigarettes of RealLeaf contain a Damiana herb that has long been known to be an effective herb for smoking addicts.

Smoking Raspberry Leaves With Terpenes – Organic Herbal cigarettes of RealLeaf contain Raspberry leaves which add aroma and enrich the flavor of tobacco without nicotine.

Smoking Marshmellow Leaves – Organic Herbal cigarettes of RealLeaf contain Marshmallow Leaves, the herb was known as a plant which was reserved for the nobles and kings thanks to its many virtues (and indeed the marshmallow candy was previously extracted from this plant)

Stop smoking nicotine today with herbal cigarettes!


Ingredients: Raspberry | Mullein | Marshmallow | Liquorice| Og kush terpenes|

WARNING: Smoking is bad for your health

All our terpenes products are THC & CBD  free.


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