Smoking Mint- Refreshing Herbal Smoking Blends (1 Pack)


  • Use Refreshing herbal tobacco to quit smoking.
  • It can also be mixed with marijuana to enhance flavors.
  • It is 100% natural and additives-free.
  • Herbal tobacco- Refreshing contains mints, mullein, raspberry, marshmallow.
  • Smoking herbal tobacco- Refreshing has a cooling effect. It can also help with cough and dry throat. It can also help in increasing productivity and concentration
  • Mint is the base of the herbal blends thats keep the smokers refreshed and stress-free
  • 1 pack contains 20 gr of herbal tobacco- 5 packs


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smoking mint in herbal smoking blends+herbal tobacco the best nicotine substitute
Price for all:   62.80

Smoking Mint – Refreshing Herbal Smoking Blends (1 pack)

The refreshing herbal smoking blend is an excellent addition to your smokable herbs collection or even an ideal choice if you are just entering the world of smokable herbs.

As is the RealLeaf way, this refreshing herbal smoking blend is crafted from 100% natural plant extracts and wild herbs that are carefully chosen to ensure they are of the highest quality and will not adversely affect the health of the smoker.

This herbal smoking blend uses mint as its main ingredient to help enhance the refreshing effects of this herbal smoking blend. Mint contains a natural element known as menthol.

Menthol is what provides the cooling effect that this herb has become famously known for. It is this cooling effect that helps accelerate the re-energizing effects that this herbal smoking blend could provide.

Mint can also help clear out your respiratory tracts to help clear any congestion and mucus from your lungs and help with coughs. You can expect an invigorating, fresh smoking experience when you use this smokable herb. It can also help increase the productivity and concentration of the smoker.

Moreover, considering that this herbal smoking blend is 100% nicotine-free. It can serve as a refreshing nicotine-free substitute for smokers whenever they feel the need for a cigarette.

So the next time your wish to reenergize your day. Try one of our herbal tobacco. We are revolutionizing the world of herbal cigarettes and this mint herbal blend will have you invigorated and ready to handle anything.

Mint Herbal Tobacco FAQs


How many gr of tobacco do you get when you purchase this product?

This mint herbal smoking blend contains 30 gr of herbal tobacco per pack.


What effects does the mint herbal blend have on the smoker?

This mint smoking blend provides a refreshing experience to the smoker that is bound to help productivity and concentration.





Ingredients: Raspberry | Mullein | Marshmallow | Mint

WARNING: Smoking is bad for your health

Weight 0.029 kg
Dimensions 15 × 7.5 × 2 cm


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