Terpenes Roller Mango Kush


  • You can apply terpene roller directly on the herbal cigarette for an increased entourage effect
  • Don’t rub it on the herbal blend directly
  • The alcohol base prevents your rolling paper from getting wet
  • It aids in the flavor and aroma of the herbal cigarette
  • Mango Kush Terpene tastes really mango, with an irrefutable Kush flavor.
  • It has a humulene terpene. Humulene gives out a woodsy, sensitive, and coarse aroma. Pinene is one of the terpenoids you find in mango kush
  • Mango Kush Terpenes improve the flavor and enhance the smoking experience
  • Mango Kush has a sweet tropical flavor and aromas like mango.
  • Each bottle contains 2ml of Mango Kush Terpene


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Terpenes Roller – Mango Kush

Are you interested in creating a better entourage effect during your smoking session? You are going to love our Mango Kush terpene-infused roller ball. Terpenes are what give your plants their unique smell. When added to your herbal cigarette, they create an entourage effect that kicks your smoking practice up a notch.

Our Mango Kush terpenes-infused roller ball contains 2 ml of terpene liquid and allows you to add more flavor and aroma to your herbal cigarette, creating an enhanced smoking experience.

The Mango Kush terpene liquid in this roller ball is copied from the Mango Kush strain. The Mango Kush strain is an Indica-dominant weed strain obtained from a cross-breed between the Hindu Kush and Mango Indica. It produces buds covered with orange pistils and very dense shiny trichomes.

This strain has an exotic mango flavor with hints of banana and undertones of pine and earth. Our Mango Kush terpene liquid is reminiscent of this flavor profile.

However, instead of using the Mango Kush strain to create our terpene liquid, we use a collection of natural plants and herbs to re-create a similar flavor profile. This Mango Kush terpene liquid is dominated by terpenes such as humulene, pinene, myrcene, and linalool. These terpenes have been shown to create a relaxing yet euphoric effect when added to your herbal cigarettes and smoked.

Grab yourself a bottle of our Mango Kush terpene-infused head roller and kick up your smoking experience.

How To Use Our Mango Kush Terpene Head Roller

Anyone can use this roller. Simply take the herbal cigarette you wish to infuse with the Mango Kush terpene liquid and apply the terp roller directly on the cigarette. If you are worried about getting your cigarette wet, don’t. This terpene liquid has an alcohol base preventing it from wetting your rolling paper.

Also, ensure you don’t rub the terpene liquid directly on your herbal blend.

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