Terpenes Roller Master Kush


  • You can apply terpene roller directly on the cigarette for an increased entourage effect
  • Don’t rub it on the herbal blend directly
  • The alcohol base prevents your rolling paper from getting wet
  • It aids in the flavor and aroma of the cigarette
  • Master Kush terpenes have a lemony smell
  • Myrcene, limonene, Ocimene are the most widely recognized terpenes in this terpene roller.
  • The terpene might help in full-body unwinding and can hone tangible mindfulness
  • The mix is derived from organic and natural herbs.
  • Each bottle contains 2ml of Master kush Terpene


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Terpenes Roller- Master Kush

Terpenes are a great natural way to add flavor and aroma to your herbal smoking blend. Plus, adding terpenes to your herbal smoking blend will increase its entourage effect, enhancing your smoking experience.

Thus, if you wish to elevate your next smoking session, our Master Kush terpene-infused roller ball is exactly what you need. Containing 2 ml of Master Kush terpene liquid, this terp roller is one of the best ways to infuse a herbal cigarette with Master Kush terpenes.

The Master Kush terpene liquid in this terp roller is designed to match the flavor profile of its namesake marijuana strain, Master Kush. Master Kush is an Indica-leaning strain that is quite popular among a lot of weed users.

While the genetic origins of Master Kush are not clear. Some individuals believe that this strain is either made from two landrace strains from the Hindu Kush region, while others believe the strain is a result of a cross between the Hindu Kush and a Skunk.

The Master Kush strain has an earthy dank scent blended with lemon and pine notes. Our Master Kush is derived from a select mix of organic and natural herbs to match this flavor profile to the latter.

It is dominated by terpenes like myrcene, limonene, ocimene, and caryophyllene, creating a unique entourage effect for our users. When used, our Master Kush terpenes can help you feel more relaxed and mindful and even slightly euphoric.

Try our Master Kush terp roller today. We guarantee the elevated smoking experience is well worth it.

How To Use Our Master Kush Terpene-Infused Head Roller

Take your Master Kush terp roller and rub it directly all over your herbal cigarette to infuse it with Master Kush terpenes. This terpene liquid has an alcohol base. Hence, it will not get your herbal cigarette wet. However, ensure you do not rub this terp roller directly on your herbal smoking blend.


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